We build «turnkey» houses.

This means that your empty land plot will gain a foundation,
a log framework,floors, roof, all the interior and exterior finishing,
connected water supply and sewerage, electrical wiring,
low voltage networks, kitchen furniture and appliances installed and ready to use.
This is the least we can offer you together with our quality and durability guarantee.
Based on Your selected style, we can finish and furnish rooms of your new home.

You only have to move in!

Design of Your home starts from idea.

Our experts, architects, and engineers will turn your idea into the concept,
design, and project. If you have your own architect,
whose ideas you would like to implement, we just need our specialists
to adapt your selected project to the modern
log house construction technologies Once an idea has been created,










it's time to discuss future living areas in detail.

This will be our serious joint work.
Through communication with our architects and constructors,
you can learn more about possible technical and aesthetic solutions.
As our practice shows, significant assistance is provided by personal contacts
and communication with owners of houses and homesteads,
built by us in Lithuania and Norway.

Take a look and feel what has already been built, then, create your own!

Having the primary architectural drafts,

we will discuss specifications

to be later included into the contract
as one of the components.
We will discuss with you in detail responsibilities shared,
financing, terms, and work hand-over stages.

A list of appendixes to the contract:

• Specification
• Description of units and finishing
• Work plan - timetable
• Payment schedule
• A list of hidden works???
• A form of Works Hand-Over Deed

In the course of the handover You will receive a full

project documentation


• Facade drawings
• House floor plans
• Layers
• Flooring plans
• Furniture layout
• Window and door specifications
• Foundation plan
• Base assembly and a flooring elements
• Flooring assembly units
• Cornice assembly units
• Roof assembly
• Water supply and sewerage schemes
• Electrical wiring plans
• Heating and ventilation system plans
• Situation plan

House construction cycle, depending on a number of factors,
lasts about 15 months. Your nurtured idea,
our experience, and combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies
will create a house of your dream! Settle down and you will discover


charm of nature inside and outside